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Top virtual PBX system by 500apps to help you boost team efficiency, automate call processes, add unlimited extensions and improve overall customer experience

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Enhance customer experience and help your team engage them

Unlimited extensions(), call forwarding, business hours setting and simplification of call flows through visual designer.

24 X 5 unlimited email, voice and chat support.

Drive revenue through simplified call processes that can improve customer satisfaction.

Get your own carrier - PBXplus works on top of your existing mobile phones or desktop clients.

Analyze calls to refine processes and capitalize on top-level options.

Configure multiple phone numbers to call-flows and improve team efficiency.

Activity tracking
all call reports
call flow analytics
delete or rename a call flow
forward the calls to a designated no
Type in what you want your customer to hear when they call you
Type in what you want your customer to hear when they call you
upload your customized voice messages to use as voicemails
call flow with greetings and menu
 all call reports

Call handling

Boost your productivity by managing how customer navigates your phone system and connects with employees. Increase revenue by cutting down on the amount of time employees spend handling calls and reallocating that time back into daily activities.

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Multiple number configurations

Utilize your own carrier and unlimited phone numbers to configure a call flow that works for your high call volume business situations so that you can service your customers quickly and efficiently.

call routing
reassign a number with a different call flow
call routing
create new flows
list view of all calls
customer call history
record calls
access all apps

Call process automations

Open up more time for your employees and reduce overhead costs by automating processes for your customer calls. Allow employees to prioritize their calls and manage their workday so that they can provide high-quality service to your clientele.

complete call flow with nodes
advance call forward option
understand the help area
set your IVR to define the path your user takes
forward all calls to certain group or individual nos

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